'I was experiencing a lot of trouble with my back after spending long hours working on the computer, after a back massage they recommended that it would be more beneficial for me have a sports massage.  I had searched for a long time to find a competitive, professional sports massage in London so was very pleased to come across ‘Hannah’s Sports Massage’.   I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Hannah’s Sport Massage, Hannah was very personable yet professional and her obvious understanding of where I was experiencing problems and how they could be fixed gave me confidence from the off.  Despite only just starting out I received a great service and significant improvement in back pain. The cost was the most competitive I have found reflecting the bonus’s of this new venture
rather than the quality of the service.   I will definitely be visiting again.' Jessica Felstead, August 2011

"Hannah Stobbs offers excellent value for money for a superb service. Her rates are extremely competitive and she combines excellent sports massages with a friendly and upbeat attitude. I had recently suffered from a double tear of both calf muscles and while I had some treatment prior to seeing Hannah this was just enough to begin to walk comfortably again, Hannah worked to get me running! Knowledgeable, incisive and effective, I would happily recommend Hannah to anyone." Sara Begg, September 2011

"Hannah was very friendly and helpful in working out which parts of my back needed her attention. She was sensitive to the tensions in different areas. I left feeling lots more relaxed and flexible!" Jenny Evans, September 2011

"Having struggled with injury throughout the past two years, due to heavy training schedules, I came to Hannah with varying issues. The service I received was very friendly and very affordable. Hannah created a lovely calming atmosphere which meant I felt at total ease and her deep tissue massages increased my recovery rate which allowed me to train at higher intensities, more frequently. I would definately recommend this service to any athletes in the Loughborough area!" Lauren Winfield (Yorkshire XI and Loughborough MCCU), September 2011

"I experienced a lovely, friendly, professional service from Hannah. She took notes on all my injuries and worked through the injury. It was great as a few days later I was feeling much better and the injury had cleared up. I will definitely go again!" Katie Hewitt (Loughborough Hockey 1st XI), September 2011


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